NZ War Horse Memorial

New Zealand is without a national memorial to all the horses (or other animals) sent to war from New Zealand.  

In Australia, there are several memorials, one specifically to their warhorses in Canberra (shown), and of course the Anzac Memorial to the Mounted regiments is modelled on Bess (Zelma).

One group wanting to create a memorial in Hamilton can be found on Facebook >>

Current NZ Memorials

In New Zealand we only have memorials to individual horses, such as the cairn erected to Bess (who was buried where she died ), or to the horses and men from a specific region such as the Birch Hill memorial. 

Bess Memorial - Bulls 

Cairn, Memorial to Bess   NZ War Horse photo courtesy NZ History Online

Birch Hill Memorial 

A plaque on the Birch Hill Station war memorial.  

‘In memory of the horses of the 8th Regiment N.Z.M.R that died in the Great War 1914-1918.’

Birch Hill Memorial - NZ History Online

warhorse memorial


Animals of War - Memorials Around the World


The National memorials in Canberra include this official war horse memorial

Australian War Horse Memorial, Canberra

On ANZAC Parade in Canberra stands the second copy of the "ANZAC Memorial" which features "Bess".

Photo of the Anzac Memorial Canberra courtesy NZ Mounted Rifles website


London, hosts the Memorial to Animals of War prominently 

Animals in War Memorial